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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers reading this post!
All I wanted today was to be able to do nothing- just to relax and not worry about a thing. I got it! I took a long nap after eating out and I have been just sitting... doing nothing all day. We need that sometimes. Our plates are so full of cares for others that we don't take care of ourselves. But we need to put ourselves first. It does not mean we are selfish. As the old adage says, "If mama ain't happy- nobody is happy!"
Think about it. When we are stressed from our daily routine of myriad things we do, that stress can become agitation and that may cause us to be short with our families, our energy is zapped so we may not be able to interact much with our kids and Lord knows by the end of the day when we are dog-tired we certainly ain't in a "loving" mood for our spouses. So husbands if you are reading this- HELP US OUT! Help to lighten our loads. Then maybe you would get more! I'm sure that got some people's attention.
Of course this post would not be complete without a little humor. And with our two little ones, we have plenty of it.
This morning our newly turned six-year-old told me Happy Mother's Day, then quickly followed with, "Mama. When is son's day?"
"Uh, you get a day everyday son. You ain't got any bills, someone takes great care of you. You get hugs galore. You got it made everyday," I told him.
Surprisingly he didn't have anything to say to that.
So we are going to church and I turn to them (he and his sister) and tell them that I may have to say something in church. Our pastor asked a few moms in the church to sit in on a panel to talk about things pertaining to being a mom. It was an honor and I couldn't say no but how I get nervous speaking in front of a lot of people. Our church has almost one thousand.
"Oh mama you will be okay. You may just have a little stage fright so you just take a deep breath and blow it out slowly," our compassionate, sweet daughter advised.
I smiled, looked out the window and took it in.
Then her brother chimed in.
"Mama. I don't care if you get nervous and I ain't gone cover for you," he said nonchalantly, while drawing in his little notebook.
He never looked up at me and meant every word he said. So brutally honest at all times.

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