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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After getting dressed yesterday, our new eight-year-old tells me I look HOT! It was hard to hold back the smile. But I did stop for a minute to think, "What does he know about that?" But I didn't spend too much time thinking about that. The boy is growing up and he is definitely entitled to his opinion.

So I turned around to slip on my shoes and still smiling, when he said, "Daddy said it's gonna be in the high 90s so you are gonna be sweatin' in those clothes."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Gotta Get It Together

About three years ago I had minor surgery on my left knee. Prior to the surgery the physician said, "From the looks of your knees, you must have done quite a bit of running in your day."
I rolled my eyes and replied, "Yep! Ran from dogs quite a bit."
He laughed.
And when dog owners would smile, while struggling to hold Fido on the leash, and say,"He won't bite," I would get on my mark. Guess Fido was trying to show me how nice and clean his teeth were.
And I never discriminated. I was an equal opportunity run from dogs runner- I ran from ALL dogs that showed the potential to harm.
When our two kids were two and maybe six months I would go for walks in the neighborhood with my neighbor. I figured I wouldn't have to worry about dogs in the wee hours of the morning because most of our neighbors were working during the day and kept their dogs in the house. One day while walking and pushing our strollers I hear barking. Wasn't sure how close the dog was or how big- just knew it had teeth. So I was off! About half-way through the dash I realized I left my stroller...with my neighbor. I looked back and she was standing there, in the street, bent over laughing. Then I look across the street and there was the big old mean...dachshund! I could barely see it running around its yard- chained.

Well I had made improvements over the years. Then the other day.
I was rushing to get somewhere. I got dressed and put on my new dangling, silver earrings. Then stuck my feet and my shoes and I was out the door.
As I made my way down the three steps from the back door, I heard what sound like a chain and a definite bark. Didn't wait to see where it was. I quickly turned around, hitting the door with my face, to go back in. I began acting like the victims on those scary movies we yell at- "Stop shakin' and turn the key!" I dropped my keys twice before finally getting in the house. As I ran to punch in the code for the alarm, I realized it was my new dangling earrings that sound like a chain. Then walked back to the door, stepped outside and realized it was our neighbor's old dog- inside his fence just barking because.
I gotta get it together!