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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't Ask for Nothing, Don't Say Nothing, Don't Even Think About Nothing"

My, my, my how things change when a football game comes on. Well when Dallas is playing. Wednesday I had surgery and I have been impressed with how my husband has been taking care of things- including me. He has been so patient. I haven't heard him smack his lips one time, no matter how often I need him and I try not to ask for much.
Today was day four in my recovery from knee surgery. My bandages and wrappings came off today and I could finally take a shower. He was so careful in helping me to get around- at times too careful but appreciated. Once I finished my shower he encouraged me, with a smile, to come sit in the great room with him. He had the ottoman and chair prepared for me. So sweet!
We watched a few shows together and it was nice to hang out. He didn't even ask me to turn it during commercials.
Then... 8:oo pm came! Everything changed.
"Uh, baby, let me get that remote right there!"
I didn't know what was going on. I mean I was capable of pushing buttons on the remote. I'd done it thus far.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"The Cowboys are about to play!" he answered with bass in his voice.
"Oh. I see. Well I don't want to watch so I guess I'll have to go back to the recovery room (our bedroom)."
Before I could ask him to help me up or even reach for my crutches, he was there moving the ottoman.
"Uh, can you please let me lift my leg from the ottoman first?" I screeched.
He helped lift my leg with one hand then moved the ottoman back with another- to help me leave. Normally, he moves really slow- almost in slow motion. Not this time.
"I ain't gettin' no attention now am I?" I asked.
He didn't answer... because he was already tuned into the game. Well it was the intro.
I knew not to ask for nothing, say nothing, not to think about nothing, for the next two to three hours.
God forbid they lose.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Curse Words... In Kindergarten?

I braced myself. Sweat began forming on my forehead. It is ridiculous what kids learn at such an early age. I can understand why parents want to home school their kids.
"Go on and tell mommy what you told me," daddy said to Myles.
Myles looked down in shame.
"Myles told me that he learned some curse words at school," daddy told me.
OMG! I thought.
"Go on and tell her Myles," daddy urged. "We won't spank you."
I took a deep breath in.
Then he tells me all four "curse" words.
"Zip-It!" he says making the motion with his hands and mouth.
The other three were: shut-it, shut-up and finally stupid.
I finally exhaled.
Daddy and I looked at each other, trying not to laugh.
"Maurissa knows the words too," Myles said.
This prompted an argument between the two of them.
"Okay, okay- just wait a minute!" I interrupted.
"You two know that we do not use "bad" words, no matter where we are," I warned them.
They were silent.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At Least He Got One In

I told our two NOT to go to school today and gloat about Obama's victory. On the drive to school I overhear Myles telling his sister that he can't wait to tell one of his friends that McCain did not win.
"Now what did I tell you guys about talking about the election?"
We pass a few students and parents on our way in the building.
We got to our hall and I kiss them off to class. I then watch Myles walk to his class- he's watching me too and throws one of his infamous, I'm up to something smiles. In turn I raise my eyebrows. As I turn around to head back to my classroom, I hear him tell someone,
"Barack Obama won!"
Well at least he got it out.
No one at our school (adults) mentioned the race. Some even seemed somber. Now the day before when our principal announced that McCain was the winner of our student mock election, I saw staff doing the If You're Happy and You Know It Dance.
But today I didn't see one High-Five or any "Booyahs!"
Many of the Black staff members seemed to have a code. When we said good morning to one another there was a huge smile- we don't usually smile that much in the mornings.
Then a few, greek-like secret hand shakes, in passing. So sad and unfortunate.
So at least my baby boy got one in. It wasn't a bragging thing- just a proud moment that we should have all shared- regardless of color.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It happened! We have our first African-American president!! Anything is possible for our kids now! Anything! Our two little ones understand how historic this day is and are just as excited about this day as we are.
We prayed today at dinner. We prayed for both sides. Prayed for protection for them and for peace no matter what. It was a longer prayer than what we usually have during dinner.
I did catch Myles eating a little bit during the prayer. Then after the prayer he was the first to speak. I was thrilled that he wanted to add something about this important day in history.
"Uh, Daddy that prayer was too long. I didn't think we were gonna eat."
But he is five so it is okay.
I cannot believe this day is here.
Now when a little boy or girl of color says he or she wants to be president one day, there will not be any hesitation. We don't have to smile, and pat him or her on the back and say okay, while being a little pessimistic. No... YES THEY CAN!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Things We Say

I was just thinking about how mindful we need to be about what we say in the presence of our kids. Sometimes we just are not cognizant of how much they are taking in everything. One of us casually mentioned the term "number two"- in reference to using the bathroom. Of course the little ones caught it and asked what it meant. And we did explain. Then they began making jokes and added that they sometimes do "number three".
"What is that?" I asked.
Laughing, Maurissa answered, "When you have to pee-pee and make stinky!"
"You mean have a bowel movement," I told her.
The eyebrows went up.
"It's the formal way to say it. That's all," I said.
Well, just a few minutes ago, we all came in from work and school and as most Americans, ONE of us ran to the bathroom.
A few minutes later, the plumber came in to finish fixing a leak we had, and Myles graciously let him in.
"Thank you young man," the man said. "Where's your dad?" he asked.
"Oh! He is in there doing number two!" Myles answered without hesitation.
The plumber is older, so I am hoping he didn't hear him well, but I have a feeling that he did- loud and clear.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kids...You Just Have To Love 'EM!

I know, and you know from a story I wrote earlier, that I should not, should not, take either of my kids into a fitting room with me. But... I thought it would be a quick dart in and out. It was one little shirt. But... we had just finished eating too- so I really should not, should not, have taken them in with me.
There was a little wait to get a room too.
We went in, I snatched off my shirt- my sunglasses on my head fell off. I bent down to get them- mistake numero uno!
Then came the snickering.
"Uh! Wook at mommy's butt!" The little, no "L" word saying, five-year-old shouted out.
I gave him the look.
His sister is in the corner giggling with her hand over her mouth. I didn't know why because she could still be heard.
"I mean your B-U-T-T," Myles whispered.
That wasn't what the look meant.
"Where is the new shirt?" I asked.
While I frantically looked for it, the giggles come again.
Maurissa is standing there holding it... smiling.
Thankfully it fit, so I quickly put my shirt back on, opened the door then all of a sudden, Maurissa says- with volume, "Mommy maybe you could go on that show, The Biggest Loser!"
It felt like a movie.
Seemed like everything stopped at the exact time she said that. The store music seemed to stop, I didn't hear any hangers banging, other customers seemed silent. I stepped back in the dressing room and pulled them in too. I could just see them both hung up on one of those hooks in the fitting room- kicking. But I didn't do it. The nice, rational mom that I am.
I just closed my eyes for a few seconds and got my thoughts together.
"What mommy? It's just your tummy. You aren't fat all over!" she assured me.
I thought- "Hey I don't know any of these people in this fitting room, it don't matter." So I held my head high, grabbed them by their throats, I mean hands, sucked in my stomach and walked out.
"Did everything work out okay?" the attendant asked (smiling).