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Monday, February 02, 2009


Okay. I have been sick for the last few days. I did see a doctor on Friday at one the after-hours, walk-in places. The doctor ruled out the flu but said I have a virus. He gave me a prescription for a "strong" (his words) decongestant and told me I should feel better by... today. Well I realize I've never been to medical school but... he never really examined me. No stethoscope. No ear or nose check. Nope he barely swabbed my tonsils and said a virus. Meantime it is three days later and I am hoarse, still have a fever.
Today was the worst. My two babies told me to stop talking, I sound so bad. So I have tried.
A few minutes ago, Dude came in asking me umpteen questions.
"Don't make mommy talk Daddy!" Myles yelled.
After tucking them in he came back down and asked a bunch of questions. So I asked him to get me some paper so I could write my responses.
Since I was at the computer already I just typed it out. Well... I'm wondering why it is taking him so long to respond. This dude is sitting there writing his responses.
Why are YOU writing? I typed and tapped the screen heavily. He read it and began to write again.
And he is going to work tomorrow- he is a teacher. Lord have mercy!

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