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Friday, June 29, 2012


Daddy and I have really been trying to stay healthy. We have cut back on breads, fried foods and sweets. Maybe I should stop with the French... HE has cut back on sweets.
And our kids have really been cheering us on!
"Mama, I thought you said you weren't gone have anymore kids," our youngest said, while nodding toward my stomach.
Such a sweet and thoughtful child. Cracking my knuckles now just thinking about him.
So there, I've said it- sweets are my downfall. This is why I guess I can understand, somewhat, why Daddy interrogated me recently about some donuts.
I was sitting in MY van in the garage. The door had just gone down, when he opens the door. Well, he "jerked" the door open!
Smiling, he peered in the van and asked, "Whatcha doin' out here?"
"I just pulled in here! I'm coming in," I assured him.
So he actually had the nerve to stand there and hold the door open for me.
Not normally this chivalrous.
I just gathered my things: purse, keys and a bag.
Now I did put the bag in between my chest and purse, only because it was easier to carry.
I was NOT trying to conceal the bag as he implied.
I sat down to relax and he continued with the interrogation.
"What's that white, sticky stuff around your mouth and hands?"
I'd had enough!
"Okay, okay!" You know the store up there where we get gas sometimes?" I began. "Well, I know you aren't gonna believe this, but they were giving out free doghnuts."
He sat back and folded his arms.
"Free donuts?" he smiled.
"YES! A free Krispy Kreme  doughnut for every twenty gallons of gas! That is why I got two... I got forty dollars worth."
I knew he wouldn't believe me.
The kids came downstairs and saw the Krispy Kreme bag.
"Mama got free doughnuts from the store up the street yall," Daddy told them. "Tell Mama to take yall up there to get a FREE doughnut," he smiled.
"Two per visit, per day and I don't need any gas now," I rolled my eyes.