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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Broccoli and Rice

It's certainly true that some of us will do anything for our children. Especially for that youngest one! Daddy was actually going to make our youngest, sit at the table, and eat the rice and broccoli! "You need to eat that broccoli and rice before you get up." Poor baby. He just dropped his head. Feet dangling from the chair. Such a sad sight. Where was I in this kid? He didn't have any game? Some stuff should just be common sense or inherited! I was disppointed in him. All he had to do was get a few napkins. Gradually put spoonfuls of the food in a napkin and hide it. Then, when everyone was busy doing other things, go back and get the napkins and discard them. Everyone knows that! He nibbled a bit on the rice. Head still down. I thought about all the times one of my relatives made oatmeal. Every morning during the summer when she didn't have to work. No flavor. I don't remember any cinammon or apple-flavored oatmeal. The box just said OATMEAL! Never understood why she would make that big old pot of oatmeal, knowing we didn't like it. Every morning? Just like our youngest now, I couldn't leave the table until it was gone. Being the creative, clever and heroic child I was, I taught everyone how to get rid of that nasty stuff. Didn't need much: Napkins and the area under the sink, behind a small bucket. We didn't have a garbage disposal then. It was killing me! Sure Daddy was sitting nearby but he was watching football! Deon Sanders was commentating- Prime opportunity! I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the kitchen. I motioned for our son, who was sitting at the table in the dinning room. Daddy was talking to the television so I snuck over to the table and quickly heaved a spoonful of rice into my mouth, then darted back into the kitchen. I was wise enough not to put it down the disposal. Besides, I liked the rice. His little feet started to swing more and he was sitting up smiling. I waved at him and told him to stop that! He couldn't do that! Daddy would know something was going on. I had to pretend to look for something when commercials came on. Daddy would look around then. I wasn't gonna caught. I did this about three times, careful not to clean his plate as it would create suspicion. As I chewed the last jawful, our son asked, "Daddy can I get up now since I ate most of my food?" "You may as well," he told him as he changed the channels. "And tell yo' mom thank you. She helped you out." I stopped chewing. Guess my clever days were done.