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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Broccoli and Rice

It's certainly true that some of us will do anything for our children. Especially for that youngest one! Daddy was actually going to make our youngest, sit at the table, and eat the rice and broccoli! "You need to eat that broccoli and rice before you get up." Poor baby. He just dropped his head. Feet dangling from the chair. Such a sad sight. Where was I in this kid? He didn't have any game? Some stuff should just be common sense or inherited! I was disppointed in him. All he had to do was get a few napkins. Gradually put spoonfuls of the food in a napkin and hide it. Then, when everyone was busy doing other things, go back and get the napkins and discard them. Everyone knows that! He nibbled a bit on the rice. Head still down. I thought about all the times one of my relatives made oatmeal. Every morning during the summer when she didn't have to work. No flavor. I don't remember any cinammon or apple-flavored oatmeal. The box just said OATMEAL! Never understood why she would make that big old pot of oatmeal, knowing we didn't like it. Every morning? Just like our youngest now, I couldn't leave the table until it was gone. Being the creative, clever and heroic child I was, I taught everyone how to get rid of that nasty stuff. Didn't need much: Napkins and the area under the sink, behind a small bucket. We didn't have a garbage disposal then. It was killing me! Sure Daddy was sitting nearby but he was watching football! Deon Sanders was commentating- Prime opportunity! I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the kitchen. I motioned for our son, who was sitting at the table in the dinning room. Daddy was talking to the television so I snuck over to the table and quickly heaved a spoonful of rice into my mouth, then darted back into the kitchen. I was wise enough not to put it down the disposal. Besides, I liked the rice. His little feet started to swing more and he was sitting up smiling. I waved at him and told him to stop that! He couldn't do that! Daddy would know something was going on. I had to pretend to look for something when commercials came on. Daddy would look around then. I wasn't gonna caught. I did this about three times, careful not to clean his plate as it would create suspicion. As I chewed the last jawful, our son asked, "Daddy can I get up now since I ate most of my food?" "You may as well," he told him as he changed the channels. "And tell yo' mom thank you. She helped you out." I stopped chewing. Guess my clever days were done.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Daddy and I have really been trying to stay healthy. We have cut back on breads, fried foods and sweets. Maybe I should stop with the French... HE has cut back on sweets.
And our kids have really been cheering us on!
"Mama, I thought you said you weren't gone have anymore kids," our youngest said, while nodding toward my stomach.
Such a sweet and thoughtful child. Cracking my knuckles now just thinking about him.
So there, I've said it- sweets are my downfall. This is why I guess I can understand, somewhat, why Daddy interrogated me recently about some donuts.
I was sitting in MY van in the garage. The door had just gone down, when he opens the door. Well, he "jerked" the door open!
Smiling, he peered in the van and asked, "Whatcha doin' out here?"
"I just pulled in here! I'm coming in," I assured him.
So he actually had the nerve to stand there and hold the door open for me.
Not normally this chivalrous.
I just gathered my things: purse, keys and a bag.
Now I did put the bag in between my chest and purse, only because it was easier to carry.
I was NOT trying to conceal the bag as he implied.
I sat down to relax and he continued with the interrogation.
"What's that white, sticky stuff around your mouth and hands?"
I'd had enough!
"Okay, okay!" You know the store up there where we get gas sometimes?" I began. "Well, I know you aren't gonna believe this, but they were giving out free doghnuts."
He sat back and folded his arms.
"Free donuts?" he smiled.
"YES! A free Krispy Kreme  doughnut for every twenty gallons of gas! That is why I got two... I got forty dollars worth."
I knew he wouldn't believe me.
The kids came downstairs and saw the Krispy Kreme bag.
"Mama got free doughnuts from the store up the street yall," Daddy told them. "Tell Mama to take yall up there to get a FREE doughnut," he smiled.
"Two per visit, per day and I don't need any gas now," I rolled my eyes.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It's Showtime!

Happy New Year!
We are continuing with our movement to make sure the kids eat healthy and stay physically fit. It's not a resolution but a continuation of what we regularly stress. So I made our 10-year-old daughter, a doctor's appointment for her annual physical.
This would be a big deal because she is older and it would be a more thorough physical. I wasn't sure what to expect really.
And on the way in our daughter asked the question that many kids ask, "Am I gonna get a shot?"
"No. You have had your shots," I replied.
I didn't think she would.
The nurse was nice and patient. "Hun, you can take your jacket and shoes off then jump up on here so we can get your weight and height." (In her Flo from Mel's Diner voice)
Her weight was in the 75% range for others her age and in the 95% for her height... which is just a little under two inches to be even with me.
So the nurse took us in the room and asked her to get undressed. She told her she could leave her undies and socks on.
"Then put this on and you can use this part to cover your bottom half," the nurse added.
That was a hoot! She put the little shirtly-challenged paper on the wrong way and I never heard so much crinkling, as she sat waiting for the doctor.
But the worst part hadn't come yet.
The nurse scanned her chart and nonchalantly pointed out that our daughter needed two shots. Uh oh!
The tears quickly came. She cringed.
The nurse looked over at me.
" are probably gonna need backup!" I warned Flo- I mean the nurse, as I tried to calm her.
It was about to go down!
The nurse brought in her cute little bag with the syringe, cleaning pad and medicine.
Our daughter had so many questions!
"How far are you gonna put that needle in my arm?
Yep! It was about to go down.
I tried to hold her but she's so strong. They suggested bringing in another, stronger, male physician, to help hold her still.
She heard that and began putting on a show! In the end, she finally got the shot. The TWO nurses and I were all sweaty and exhausted. Yes! Another nurse had to come in. I felt like I'd done hot yoga. Needless to say the ride home was quiet.