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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Only The Youngest

Only the youngest in our house. The same one who recently thought he could skip a bath because he was baptized earlier that day. The same one who runs from the cow at Chick-Fil-A...and Chuck-E-Cheese... and jumped across the barriers at Disney World to avoid all the Disney Characters. The way he ran then at three had me believing he could be the next Bolt! Heck! Forget the gun going off- just put someone in a costume at the starting line. Only the youngest, who put lego blocks in his shoes to be taller a few months ago. Same kid I watched run about five times around the house, from a puppy, who wanted to play. I watched from the window, then wiped the tears from my face before finally opening the door. I know I'm an adult and his mom- protector BUT... This same kid, just set off the smoke alarm in the house. Why? His shoes were washed and instead of him simply sitting them out in the laundry room and closing the door to allow them to dry overnight as someone (clearing my throat) suggested... he attempted to dry the shoes with my hand-held blow dryer. Not sure how long he planned to sit and hold it, close to each shoe but... When the alarm went off in his room he runs out and stands in the hall with his hands out like, "What happened?" Only our youngest.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Normal Day

I was so excited about today! Both kids CHOSE to be baptized! The day started off a little... normal. Daddy and I were humming around the house, as we prepared for church. I felt flutters as I sped up to make sure we got on the road promptly. It was as if I were being baptized. The kids, on the other hand, were... normal. I really couldn't understand why they were quarreling. (This words sounds a little better on a Sunday morning) "Break that up please," I told Daddy. I have to admit, I was a little concerned about how the oldest would do during her baptism. Yes she is eleven BUT, you would have to read my old blogs to understand. She was the reason I started blogging in 2006. She was five then. I really should have started blogging once we brought her home from the hospital. Myriad memories flashed across the windshield as we drove to church. She lifted her head at just one week young. Just shy of her second birthday her brother was born. She was reprimanded for something as she got into the van in the parking lot of Babies R Expensive. We were too big to take on she slapped her newborn brother as she plopped down in her car seat and crossed her plump legs. At three she got into my Maxi pads and put one on, then walked out into the great room while I entertained a friend from church who was there to promote Pampered Chef. She stood in the middle of the room and pulled the strip out and gave it to the lady. I didn't buy anything and now that I think about it she never called back to set up that party. At four she ran around the foyer of the church singing "It's Gettin' Hot in Here, So take off..." That was my fault. But hey, I got tired of listening to CDs of Barney in the car. It was my radio! Also at four, she would not ring her bell during the kids' singing of songs during a Christmas play. She kept it in her elf hat until the other kids stopped singing. She rang that bell and belted out the wrong words to that song! The stories are endless. So you see why I had some concerns. I'm proud to say she and her brother were baptized without any problems today! While the other two females changed afterwards and remarked about the experience, she simply asked,"Mama. Are you gonna dry my hair and put it back like Cleopatra?" I just smiled and hoped the other ladies didn't hear it. "Come on," I sweetly said. Pinching Helping her out the door. So after an adventurous day, it is time for us to prepare for Monday. "Someone get in the shower!" I yelled to them. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the sweet, innocent, youngest. "I gotta take a bath? But I was just baptized."

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bad Example

I was expecting a phone call. Maybe a visit from my administrator. I'd bitten my nails down too far. Not knowing if there would be repercussions was the worst. During my fourth period, just before my lunch and planning, I'd talked too much. My students were reading a story about a boy who wasn't allowed to play soccer because of a vision problem. He was upset because he didn't think it was a big deal but the school was cognizant of it once his mom sent a note.
So one of my students asked what were vision problems. I gave some examples- one of them being amblyopia or "lazy eye".
"What's lazy eye?" one student asked. So I explained and I gave an example. (Mistake)
"It's not a big deal. It is common," I assured him and tried to move on.
Not quitting while I was ahead, I came up with a real example. Limited English Proficient students, many times, need real examples or visuals.
No pun intended.
"There is a lady who works in the drive-thru at the McDonald's, right up the road here, from the school [pointing at my window] and she has a lazy eye."
Again I attempted to move on.
"At the McDonald's beside the highways down there [pointing in same direction]?" a student asked.
"Yes. The McDonald's near the highway, UP there," I answered, "now who's turn is it to read?"
I noticed the student's face. He was still thinking about it.
"Do the lady have long, black hair?" he continued.
"I think so, but-"
"That's my Mom!" he interrupted. This was awkward. All eyes were on me...waiting.
"As I said, it is a common eye problem and I am not sure if it was your mother. But it isn't something people can help," I offered.
"What is it called again?" someone asked. "Their eyes is lazy," another answered.
"No! Not lazy eyes. It's called lazy eye and-"
"But my Mom, her eyes is not lazy. They work all the times," he added.
Everyone started talking.
"Okay. Okay. Get quiet everyone," I said.
I quickly walked up to him and apologized. His feet were swinging as usual like a happy dog with a wagging tail. He turned to the next page in the story so I quickly jumped back in too.
"Where were we?" I looked up.
One student was crossing his eyes and raising his hand, with a foolish smile.
I called on someone else.