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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Make Belive Friend My Butt!

Okay I'm thinking I should go wake my seven-year-old up and get her. Earlier today, I fussed her out about taking so long to get her homework done. She was playing around way too much and I was trying to multi-task so much so that I did not pay enough attention until the end. Anywho... after I fussed her out I went back to cooking dinner and heard her having a convenient conversation with her make believe friend, Wilbur.
"Wilbur don't say that about my mama!" she said sternly.
She then paused for a moment for "Wilbur" to respond.
"Oh no you didn't call my mom- I'm not gonna let you say that about her!"
I didn't say a word. I went on about my business and didn't even let on that I heard this conversation.
But I thought about it more and I told Dude about it and he laughed a little too hard. So much so that I really want to get her.
Make believe friend my butt!