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Monday, May 04, 2009

People in Costumes- No Way!

Okay I mentioned that our son turned six yesterday. Well I did not mention his party. Now he is like me when it comes to talking junk- Dude (when am I not mad at him about somethin' okay) can describe my son and I, so well.

"Oh y'all bad in the daylight but let it get dark!" he always balks.

Well our son has a fear of people in costumes. Everyone in costumes.
When we went to Disney World for the first time, two years ago, he didn't waist any time gettin' away from Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb. I mean I didn't know he could move that fast. I looked around and he was over in the roped off area- where he wasn't supposed to be, breathing heavily.

In my sweet, calm, motherly voice I tried to coerce him into climbing over the rope.

"Get your little butt from over there boy before you get us kicked out of Magic Kingdom!"

He wasn't having it initially.

"Come on- we will go the other way and wait for them (Daddy and his sister) to finish," I told him as I snatched him by the wrist.

They were in line to get the Tweedles' autograph and pictures.

He came on but looked back frantically to make sure their images were getting smaller as we walked further away.

Let's just run down a list of people he is scared of: Santa, Easter Bunny, Mickey & Minnie and all their people, the Chick-Fil-A cow, the cell phone dude at our church fall festival- and you could see the person's ashy knees below the phone costume, and... Chuck-E-Cheese!

Yet he requested a party there. Hmmm... Hmmmm

We talked to him about it and because the small county where we reside has very few places to have parties for kids, we decided to have a party there.

"Now look- I don't wanna hear no crying when that rat comes out!" I told him.

Oh but he was bad-

"Mama I ain't gonna be scared. I'm gonna be six and be a big boy."

Yes he talked a good game up until we drove up in the parking lot of the place.

We argued about it a bit in the car then I ended it-

"Look! You wanted it and your friends are coming now so we gotta go in!"

"Okay," he said. "When Chuck-E comes out I will just go hide in that playhouse. He can't fit in there."

Of course he was apprehensive going in. Luckily our hostess informed us that the rat wasn't coming out until 4pm which was shortly before the end of our time there. So he went and freely played with his friends.

"Wook mama!" he said while shaking his little behind- being silly.

"There go Chuck-E," I said being funny.

He was ready to take off.

When the rat did come out he was gone in a flash!

He was hiding up top in the treehouse as planned. It was so sweet though. I thought his friends would tease him but everyone who came from his class, were right up there with him.

Back in the day my friends would have been laughing at me about something like that.

The parents were giggling. I mean it looked absolutely ridiculous- the birthday boy hiding from the rat when he was supposed to be on the little dance floor being a star with the rat.

Luckily Dude filmed it! Can't wait to pull it out 20 years from now when he goes on his FIRST date.

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