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Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Worries

Last Sunday we were rushing to get to church. I was in the mirror, as usual, trying to get every strand of hair in perfect position. Trying to see if it looked better up or down. Our daughter was humming and twirling, as usual. Daddy was patiently waiting and our son was drawing comics.
So I checked the time.
"Okay! We have 15 minutes! I'm ready!" I yelled, as I hopped on one foot- trying to buckle the strap on the other.
"Grab a jacket," I told our daughter.
As we reached the kitchen, ready to set the alarm, I noticed the jacket she grabbed.
"I don't know if I like that one. Let me look at it," I stood back to soak it in.
Daddy started punching the code on the keypad.
She twirled, smiled and said, "I LOVE IT!"
With time passing, I decided it was no BIG and we all quickly headed to the car.
I looked back at her and the chosen jacket and wished she'd chosen a different one but reminded myself that as long as she has the confidence to rock it then just go with it.
So we get to church and begin to walk the kids into their sanctuary when our daughter looks at me and says, "Mama... you took your hair down?"
I ran my fingers through it and replied with a smile, "Yep!"
She continued to walk in and said, "Oh. It looked better up."
I scooted back to the side mirror of the car to look it over, then walked across the lot to the adult sanctuary laughing.
I'm glad she doesn't worry as much as I do and I hope it continues.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Must Get Sharpened Pencils!

We really need to pay more attention more when it comes to our kids. Our son, with his seven years of infinite wisdom, really knows what he is talking about; we just have to listen.
While he is a great artist, we are now cognizant of the characteristics he has to be a great attorney. With his new found interest in The Titanic, he has developed great research skills. He has found and read so many articles on this great historical ship and then questions us. He seems to think we are slack because we don't know as much as he does about the Titanic.
And he is a great debater. When he flares those little nostrils- WATCH OUT! Here comes an argument. And he knows he is right without a doubt. He can almost make you believe it too.
Recently, he dropped a bit in writing in school. While disappointed, we just know we will be on top of it more and pull back on some of his extra-curricular activities so he can get back on track with it. Well he schooled us on why it happened. It was really quite simple.
Nostrils flared... he said, "The only reason I didn't do better was because I never had sharpened pencils!"
We need to pay more attention to his needs. Maybe we will get him some sharpened Titanic pencils.

Friday, April 08, 2011

That Was Me on the Highway Swerving

This will not be a long post. Doesn't need to be. I've gotta learn to be specific when I talk to our kids, and remember that things that are important to them just may not be able to wait.
Our son was really excited to show me something he received at school today and it was Friday so I should have been cognizant of that and how that could add to excitement and IMpatience.
As soon as he slides the door to get into the van, he begins talking.
"Guess what I got today?"
"Uh... and hey how are you?" I responded.
"Oh, hey!" he rushed. "But you gotta see it," he continued.
By this time his sister was sliding the door open to get in.
And they were off!
"You saw me coming but you slid the door shut!" she said.
"And how are you baby girl?" I routinely asked.
"Fine Mama and I was on green today," she rushed so she could get back to her brother.
I waved bye to the crossing guard, pushed the button to let the windows up so I could add my five cents to this little dispute trying to brew and drove out of the school parking lot.
After my speech I turned onto the highway to get home.
"I gotta show you what I got today!" our son shouted from the middle row.
"You're not thinking son. I am driving so I can't turn back to see it."
His little seven-year-young, thinking skills kicked in. In one quick move he unhooked his seat belt and put his huge comic book maker in my face. About one inch away.
"See Mama!"
So if you saw a white mini-van on I-40, near Kernersville, around 2:40 pm swerving... it was me.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Nerve!

It's unfortunate but we are going to have to make some adjustments to prayer requests and praying with our seven and nine-year-old.
Last night's prayer request was quite...merry!
Earlier, after school, the kids were discussing their plans to buy books from the school book fair.
"I'm gonna buy Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw and Rodrick Rules!" our son declared.
"Well, I'm gonna get three books!" our daughter added.
So I am at the red light listening to their plans then realized...
"Um... how are you planning to pay for these books?"
"Dove... with money Mama," our son scoffed.
His sister co-signed.
"But actually, the Book Fair people will probably use that machine for credit cards," our precocious daughter added.
"Oh! Since when did they give credit cards to little people? Who don't have jobs?"
I looked in the mirror to see their reactions.
They were making plans to spend their parents' money. Sigh
After explaining that Daddy and I work and that buying books from their school book fair every year isn't a necessity... I told them that they could earn some money.
They offered to wash my mini-van! Awesome because I hate washing cars.
"How much can we get for it?" our son asked.
I had to consider that spots would be missed, that they will play more than they will work, etc. but ultimately it would be for a good cause: reading and adding books to our collection.
"$20!" I answered.
They thought it was for each of them.
"Oh no. You have to divide that."
So you will have to find other ways to earn more money if you need it.
Which brings me back to prayer requests.
So last night, as we usually do before we pray, we asked if anyone had requests.
"For me to be able to get more money for the book fair," our son said but it sound more like a question.
"For God to help you (looking at me and Daddy) get more money so we can get books from the book fair," our daughter requested.
Daddy and I needed God to come down to save them.
"Well remember the other night we told y'all that we shouldn't always be seeking God's hand?" I told them sternly.
"But we're not. We want HIM to help you and Daddy give it to us," our son said.
"Let us pray," Daddy snapped.
Our daughter volunteered. So we should have known something was up.
Here's a snippet:
Dear God. Thank you for our parents and grandparents.
Thank you for waking us up.
Please help my little brother not have a sassy mouth.
Please help us get money so we can buy books so we can
keep being good readers and get AR points. And help Mommy
and Daddy not be so mad about books. Amen.

And as they kissed us goodnight and marched off to their room, they actually had the nerve to look back at us as if we had done wrong.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph! The nerve.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Gotta Know My Facts

Unfortunately, we had to drive down to the Eastern part of NC for a funeral/Celebration of Life for our former pastor and friend. It was great to see our friends- we just didn't want to see them for that reason.
The night before (Friday) Daddy surprised our little curious seven-year-old son with a book from the hotel lobby, about the Titanic. He has been so fascinated with the story since seeing just a snippet of it a month ago. We've made myriad trips to the library to get books about it.
So on Saturday, the day of the funeral, we are in the youth sanctuary talking with our friends- just catching up- since we last saw them in September. Friends were asking how the kids have adjusting to the move, etc. when our son comes walking through with the Titanic book. About an hour before he walked up while I was talking to someone and immediately started asking,
"Mama...did you know that 2,223 people were on board the Titanic when it sank and do you know how many people died?" Before I could say anything he answered. Not that I knew.
"And do you know what time the Titanic sank?"
My friend was snickering.
Again he answered. "It was 2:20 in the morning Mama!"
I stooped to get closer to him, in an attempt to get him to stop so we could finish our conversation... but-
"And what year did it sink, Mama?"
I tried to just throw out a year to get him to stop.
"1900," I blurted out.
He looked around, then looked at me, disappointingly, and said, "Mama! You gotta know your facts!" Then finally walked away.
So I see him again with the book and held by breath.
This time it was worse.
I began talking about the book before he could.
"He has this growing interest in the Titanic so Daddy got him that book he has been walking around with."
"And you know what... Daddy stole this book from the hotel!"
Everyone laughed except Daddy and I.
"I told you we should have been on the road," Daddy replied.