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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Hairy Tale

I should've learned when our daughter was about five that we cannot let Daddy know everything.
When she was five he about had a nervous breakdown when he heard me tell her to wash her... (pretend you hear the ever popular music from Jaws- when the shark is coming) vagina!
He just could not deal with her saying or being familiar with the word. Even though most of us are big boys and girls and we know that is what females have. Nope his daughter has a "pocket book". You'll have to read my earlier blogs to get that story. Trust me it is hilarious.
Well I didn't learn.
Our daughter has some hair under her arms and he has freaked!
"WHAT?" he screeched.
He ran into the bathroom to investigate. You would have thought she was hurt and needed to be rushed to the emergency room.
"Do we need to make her an appointment to see the doctor?" he asked.
She just giggled. She enjoyed torturing him by raising her arms up so he could get a close look at the HAIRS (pretend you hear the music from Psycho- shower scene)!
"It's not funny!" he hurled.
"Calm down Dude! She ain't the only little girl who has started sprouting little hairs early!" I told him.
He would not let it go.
And I wanted to have fun so I said, "She has some more hair too."
I thought he would pass out.
"On her head," I whispered.

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Ken said...

hilarious. can't wait she is 16 and starts dating.