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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blind Sex

While cooking and watching The Voice the other night with the family, our youngest was awed by one of the contestants. He commented, "Wow! That's cool! They have a blind person who sings!" The contestant talked about being ready to start a family.

Our son was confused. "How can he start a family? He can't do that."

"Blind people do a lot of things," I informed him while starting my pasta sauce. "Remember, Stevie Wonder is blind. He's been around for years and he has a family-"

"WHAT? He has a family? Like CHILDREN?" he interrupted.

"Of course!" I laughed.


"So blind people have SEX too?"

Stirring the pasta sauce.

Not thinking, Daddy adds to the mix. "They don't have to SEE to have sex. Duh!" he laughed and obviously not thinking.

Being wise, I honed in on my sauce.

"They don't? But how are they gonna know where to-" our son started.

"Daddy. YOU WANNA TRY THIS SAUCE?" I interrupted.

Missing the attempted rescue, he replied, "Naw. They just need to know where to-"

"This sauce is really good!" I put a hot spoonful to his mouth. "TASTE THE SAUCE!"

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Remembering EVERYone During Prayer

WE try to drop little nuggets on the kids as much as possible. There is always something to be grateful for.

Sometimes the nuggets turn out a little undone or overcooked.

When our kids were much younger, we told them that other kids did not have as good as they did- that there were some kids who went to bed hungry.

"They would love to eat those vegetables you are trying to leave on your plate!" I said.

"I really want to help those kids and give them these little trees Mama," our son told me one day.


The other week, prior to praying, I talked about the importance of praying for others and not always asking for things for ourselves.

"God really likes that and will definitely give you the desires of your heart when you think of others before yourself; even people you may not get along with."


Our son volunteered to pray that night.

I think he prayed for every family member, extended family member, all students in his school, all teachers, the crossing guards, neighbors and even prayed for the nice people who work at the convenience store, where we frequent often.

His sister almost went to sleep by the time he finished.