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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

L Words Getting Better!

I have told our daughter myriad times that her brother does and says things just to get under her skin.
"But Mama...(looking at her skin) he can't get under my skin. That would hurt!"
"Whatever. You know what I mean!" I'd sternly answer.
Still she gets upset- to his amusement.
We were in the car when Daddy noticed two huge birds flying nearby.
"Look!" he pointed out. "Look at those two birds. They look like they are playing with each other!"
Oh she was taken by this.
"Wow! You are right Daddy- they do look like they are playing. God's creatures are so pretty!"
She's such a sweet-spirited child.
"They keep flying around in circles over that field," she added. "Awww... I think they are Eagles!" she tried to inform us.
We knew they weren't Eagles but it didn't matter. We weren't gonna take her joy away.
But her brother could care less. He never sees the beauty around him like she and I do! ;o)
Not missing a beat from the artwork he was creating in the seat beside his sister, he said,
"She wieing. Dem ain't no Eagles. They look like just some buzzards."
Daddy and I just looked straight ahead at the road. We didn't say a word.
She was upset.
"No they are too Eagles! See how they-" she started.
"Nope. They are not pretty and they are not Eagles," he interrupted.
"Mama! Daddy! Will you tell him- well you don't know nothin' anyway!" she yelled.
At that point we had to jump in.
"Okay. Okay! We are not gonna start that now!" I told them. "And you need to remember to stick your tongue out to pronounce your "L" words. It's L-L-Lied. But you aren't supposed to use that word!"
I turned to look at him to make sure he understood.
"L-L-LIED," he said with his tongue out.
He actually did do well with the "L" that time.

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