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Saturday, June 13, 2009

God Moving Furniture

If you listen to kids you can always learn something new! Last night we were pulling out of the driveway when we saw this beautiful display of lightning, flashing through the sky. It wasn't accompanied by any thunder or rain- just light, back-to-back. It looked like someone in heaven was snapping pictures.
The kids loved it of course! They had to give us their take on what lightning means.
Our daughter said it was King Neptune, making light from his fingers.
"Mama there really is a King Neptune- we learned about it in class," she persisted.
Now when our kids say their teacher said something, we usually leave it alone. Don't want one of them going back saying we said something. That has happened before. Wasn't good. Our son told his daycare teacher that I was going to "Jack her up!" I did say that I was going to "Jack somebody up" if they messed with my baby at school but I was being funny and talking to Daddy.
Now it was our son's turn. I knew it would be interesting. Daddy and I were talking about something else when our son chimed in. But his comment got our attention.
"No it's not King Neptoom. It's just God moving his couch up there," he said.
We smiled.
"Who told you that?" I asked.
"My teacher- Mrs. Thompson," he said confidently.
The van was quiet.


Blasé said...

I came across your Blog via 'Sixteen Candles'.

If you want a place to get a laugh, come by and visit. I blog about my life/wife and anything that will stimulate folks to 'Think and Laugh'...

melissa said...

Thanks for reading my blog! So you are in Raleigh! I'm not far.

Liza said...

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