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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Beekeeper!

Okay last week our son tried to sneak something in the house.
"Uh wait, wait, wait a minute. What do you have there?" I asked him as he came in, not making any eye contact.
I knew he was up to something because he kept hanging around the front door and looking in at us. I never saw his hands when he looked in. He needs to up his game.
"What?" he replied, looking all around himself.
"Don't play with us. You know what your mama is talking about! Whatever is in that box you got behind your back- that's what!" Daddy added.
He didn't even answer. Defeated, he didn't even answer. He just dropped his head and headed back outside.
"What was in there?" Daddy shouted.
"Ants," he answered.
I couldn't believe it. And we have fire ants in our yard around this time of year.
Daddy giggled and shook his head, "He's all boy!"
Well today he was excited that he caught something in his bug catcher. Last time he used it he caught a lady bug and named her Lilly. We made him let her free after a few minutes. He just knew he saw her MONTHS later on the playground at school. He couldn't trust me when I explained that there are myriad ladybugs in the world and there was as strong possibility that it was not Lilly.
Nope. He knows everything!
He didn't catch a ladybug this time.
"Mama! Daddy! He gots a bee in there and he says he's gonna put it on my face!" Our daughter ran into the garage crying.
Daddy- well Dude today because he was not helping me as much as he should have. Dude and I were in the garage cleaning. Well I was cleaning.
He chased her around my van.
"Stop it! Leave her alone! You know she is scared of anything that flies!" I told him.
I assured her that he was not going to do anything to her.
"He just wants to scare you!" I added.
"No I'm gonna scare you mama!" he said.
Oh I could hear Dude trying to smother his laugh. I wanted to help with the smothering!
"I'm not scared of bees, mouth! I know to just leave 'em alone." "You're gonna get your little butt stung!"
His sister laughed hysterically.
"You're gonna get stung on your b-u-t-t!" she teased.
"And don't tell your sister you're gonna put the bee on her face!" I scolded.
"I didn't say that!" he adamantly said.
"Oh okay well leave her alone anyway," Dude told him.
"I said I was gonna pIt the bee on her mouth and let him sting her mouF off," he said, while shaking the bee held captive in his bug catcher.
"Bees don't sting boys," he glared at his sister. "They only sting girls!" he smiled.
I know it's not right, but for a minute I wanted that bee to get out and chase him around the yard then sting him one good time.

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