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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Running Away?

Every now and again I temporarily lose my sanity. I allow the two little ones to "raise my blood pressure" as my older relative used to say. I mean how would they really know it is going up at that moment? Anyway...
The kids had allowed their rooms to just get crazy recently. I mean it was a disaster and of course this wasn't the first time but I was tired so I went off. Close your ears.
"I am tired of these rooms not staying clean! I can't believe y'all can find anything in here. Look at this mess- looks like someone came in here and just went crazy! Y'all don't appreciate nothin'- that's the problem. And y'all are too big to be letting this mess happen. But you know what? This is my fault. My fault for letting y'all do this. I just keep talkin' and talkin' instead of just whippin' your butts! I just need to get old school on ya!" I told them, while looking around the rooms.
"I just need to get old school on ya and just stick my arm out and clothesline ya when you come down the hall like my aunt used to do. You know when I was little my-"
"We know. Grandma used to whip you everyday," one of them interrupted, not realizing how mad I was and the potential wrath that could come from this. But obviously I had told this speech before.
I stopped for a minute and sucked in some air slowly.
They were quiet. But not fearing for their lives like I wanted them to be. I realized then that I talk way too much. I stared at them for a minute and walked downstairs- didn't do what I usually do and added on. Figured it would get them thinking.
A few minutes later I heard them cleaning up.
"We gotta clean up for mama," my son said.
Later that night when they came to kiss me goodnight, they had something to tell me.
"Mama... we want to start helping you out more around the house and we are gonna keep our rooms clean too."
"I appreciate that," I told them as I hugged them. We were having our Cosby moment.
"Cause we don't want you to run away or somethin' because you can live here too," my daughter added.
My smile quickly went away.
"Um... uh... I ain't goin' nowhere. Ain't nobody runnin' away!" I told them.
The nerves.
And they seemed to look like they felt sorry for me. "Ain't nothin' wrong with me!" I told them as I sent them to bed.

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