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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Hair Raising Story from Walgreens

Yesterday we (kids and I) went to Walgreens. I gave them the usual spill-
"You ain't gettin' nothin' so don't ask!" and "Don't touch nothin'!"
I did end up getting something they wanted but it was a good product. The new Plaque Detector for kids- we'd just seen it on TV and Dude said it would be good for them to use, especially for our youngest who spends every bit of 35 seconds brushing his teeth. They saw it and did a good job of selling it.
"Mama. Here is what Daddy was talking about to get us to help us brush. And you know he (pointing to her little brother on the sly) doesn't brush good. You know that Mama," my daughter said.
"Watch it woman!" our son snickered. "I can hear ya!" he added, while eyeing some candy.
I could see his little wheels turning- possibly trying to come up with a reason that candy would be good to get.
"Nope!" I told him when his lips first separated to talk.
"Come on, we gotta go get Du- I mean Daddy from softball practice," I yelled to them while speed walking to the register.
There was just one person in front of us but the cashier took so long that a line had now formed.
Finally it was my turn. I threw in an Almond Joy with the rest of my items.
"How come you get to get sumpin?" our son asked.
"Because I have a job and have money- you don't always have to get something." I told him.
"I can't wait 'till I can be an Edult and buy my own things. I'm gonna buy a lot of stuff," he replied.
"Good! I wish you could buy your own stuff now before you become an Adult."
His sister was fine. She was busy looking at the little products at the register. I was about to get my bag when she said, on full volume-
"Look Mama. This little thing is like a mitten and it says you can use it to shave hair off of ya."
"That's nice baby come on," I smiled to the others in line.
"And you could even use it to get those hairs under your underarms!" she added.
She and her brother had a ball laughing as we walked out the store. I'm sure the people in line did too.

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