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Monday, April 20, 2009

God? Mad At Himself?

We were sitting in the parking lot of our church waiting for Dude. I knew he would be late.
While waiting I noticed a big tree in the wooded area beside our church. The tree had fallen slightly over on two other trees.
"Man. I wonder what happened to that tree?" I pointed out to the kids.
They were in the back heavily engaged in a debate, as usual, about something.
"Where?" one of them asked.
Before I could answer they saw it-
"Oh wow wook at that!" our son said.
"Look," I corrected him. "Watch your tongue on those L words."
Then here comes his sister or wanna-be mama, "Do your tongue like this," she added.
"Uh... I don't need a co-signer. I got this," I told her.
I grabbed my phone to text Dude.
The kids now had something else to talk about, but this time they were in agreement.
"God must be real mad at hisself, " our son began.
"Why?" his sister asked, still looking at the tree.
"Wook- I mean Look at what he did to that tree!"
"But would God do that to that precious tree?" his sister asked.
"Well he gots the power- not the devil so he did it and now he is mad at hisself," he suggested.
She agreed with him, "Yes you are usually not right but you are right about that."
I just shook my head and sent my text.

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