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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"I'm Calling Your Daddy"

In case any readers aren't aware... I work at my kids' school. My son's kindergarten class is two doors down, on the opposite side, from my room. It's not that I need to have him close- it just worked out that way.
I'm not sure what he did but one of his teachers tells me today that while reprimanding him, he would not look at her.
"Look at me," she told him.
She said he continued to look beside her as if someone else was there.
She told him a second time to look at her when she was talking to him and he didn't. He didn't say anything either.
So she remembered a while back she had to get on him and threatened to call Daddy. He called her bluff so she pretended to dial Daddy's number.
"I know your daddy's cell phone number," she told him and pushed one button. He quickly got himself together.
Remembering this she was now using it again.
"Okay. You can't look at me- I'm calling your daddy!"
Still not looking at her, he finally speaks-
"My mama work here. You can talk to her."
I know the teacher was shocked, baffled, hot!
She reached for her phone.
"I'm calling your daddy," she told him.
He calmly, without any additional hesitation, and without speaking... looked at her.
I've always said I was NOT gonna be the easy going parent. The one the kids would rather go to when they are in trouble. This made me look bad. And believe it or not, I do spank him when needed. Guess my bark must be bigger than my bite.

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