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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Using What They Learn

I can never say our kids don't learn. They often tell us what they have learned in school and in church. In church our daughter learned about how God created the first people on earth- Adam and Eve. "Did you learn about the forbidden fruit and how they were tempted to eat it?" I asked. She knew that a serpent tempted them to do the wrong thing. Parents are always proud to know their kids are learning.
I read her folder after school and saw that she was reprimanded for an incident in school. Of course I lecture her about it and talk to her about choosing to do the right things. I finally give her a small chance to speak. She covers her face in shame and begins to cry. "Mommy I am so sorry." She puts her head in her lap and goes over the top with dramatics now. "I dunno why I did that!" "Cut that out, right now!" I said. She sniffs and wipes her tears. Her sadness quickly switches to anger. "That darn serpent!" she says. I'm trying to figure out who she is now. "What serpent?" I asked. She is serious now. "You know that serpent mommy. The one who told Adam and Eve to eat those apples". "That mean old serpent told me to do it, mommy," she adds. She caught me off guard with that one. What was I supposed to do?

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