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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Our daughter is so excited that she has finally, in her mind, mastered something she has wanted to do for some time now. Yes she can now snap her fingers. She shows us every chance she gets. She gets focused. Serious face. Mouth opens and then "SNAP!" It can be a milestone. Her younger brother has achieved one too! I know I am excited about it. He has been standing up when he uses the bathroom now. Can't talk to him while he is in the act or you may get a neat little unidentifiable mural.
I love it when he has to use the bathroom when we are out now. No need to line the toilet for him anymore- he's standing up!
We're out shopping and he had to go, so we quickly dart into the women's bathroom ("Dude" wasn't there to take him). "Look mommy, I'm a big boy," he smiles. "Okay, okay, just watch where you're aiming," I tell him. "Oh my God!" my daughter says. "How'd you do that?" she asks. I quickly realize she has never seen a male use the bathroom. I turn to help her brother who has duck walked to the sink. Then my daughter informs me that she needs to go. I turn to help her line the toilet and she is standing in front of the toilet with her pants down. "What are you doing!" I scream. "I want to try it too," she answers. "No, no, no, girl you can't do that!" I tell her. "Don't go yet, I gotta line it first," I added. She stands there looking confused. I try to explain. "Girls and boys are different and they don't have the same body parts." She laughs, "He's gonna have a hard time making stinky with that crazy lookin' thang."

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