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Saturday, September 27, 2008

"I'll Smack A Turtle!"

We were riding home after eating out and "Dude" spends about five minutes threatening our youngest, Myles. All about what he will do to him if he does this and what he will do to him if does that. Well just thirty seconds after he threatens, Myles says, out of nowhere,
"Daddy I'll smack a turtle!"
Dude- clueless, just continued to drive, (Half the time I have to fill him in or translate for him anyway- and our kids speak English fluently!) until I began snickering.
"What's up?" he asked.
I whispered to him that, "Myles really means that he would get you if he could."
Dude glared back at him.
Myles was looking out the window with his nostrils flared.
Flashback- to me sitting there after getting my butt whipped by my mom and just wishing God would just see fit that she fell down some steps. I didn't want to get rid of her but oh how I wanted to get back at her some kind of way.
This was Myles' way- in my opinion.

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