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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Only The Youngest

Only the youngest in our house. The same one who recently thought he could skip a bath because he was baptized earlier that day. The same one who runs from the cow at Chick-Fil-A...and Chuck-E-Cheese... and jumped across the barriers at Disney World to avoid all the Disney Characters. The way he ran then at three had me believing he could be the next Bolt! Heck! Forget the gun going off- just put someone in a costume at the starting line. Only the youngest, who put lego blocks in his shoes to be taller a few months ago. Same kid I watched run about five times around the house, from a puppy, who wanted to play. I watched from the window, then wiped the tears from my face before finally opening the door. I know I'm an adult and his mom- protector BUT... This same kid, just set off the smoke alarm in the house. Why? His shoes were washed and instead of him simply sitting them out in the laundry room and closing the door to allow them to dry overnight as someone (clearing my throat) suggested... he attempted to dry the shoes with my hand-held blow dryer. Not sure how long he planned to sit and hold it, close to each shoe but... When the alarm went off in his room he runs out and stands in the hall with his hands out like, "What happened?" Only our youngest.

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