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Sunday, January 18, 2009

What is that Crinkling Sound?

I've always said that our seven-year-old is cut from a different cloth. Since she has come into this world she has always been different. As her mom I know that I will have to parent a little different. And I have to be mindful of what I say and do around her at all times. Kids watch we do.
I remember when I was potty-training her, I would try to take her with me when I had to use the bathroom. I would put her on her little potty which was just beside our toilet. No harm in that. We would sit and sometimes she would go- sometimes she wouldn't but I learned that she did watch and imitate what I did.
However, I don't remember ever letting her watch me when "Aunt Flow"- that little monthly visitor women get. Depending on what husbands and wives are planning, it could be great to see "Aunt Flow".
Well she obviously saw something around these times.
She was about two and an insurance representative had come to our house. Our son was just a baby and was upstairs sleeping. Maurissa was a few feet away in our room playing- so I thought.
In the middle of the rep's spill about life insurance coverage, Maurissa comes in dancing in the middle of the floor. The rep smiled and I told her to go back and play for a little while longer.
She left. Came back a few minutes later. Looking directly into my eyes. She began dancing again- actually reminded me of the scene in Flash Dance when Jennifer Beals was "dancing like she never danced before." Remember? Dancing really fast- running in place almost.
I heard a crinkling sound.
"What you got Rissy?" I asked.
I didn't see anything in her hand.
The rep and I were both smiling, yet curious about the crinkling sound.
She stopped and smiled. Then reached into her pull-up and whipped out the paper strip that lined my "supplies" used for Aunt Flow- the ones with wings. Wings I wished I had to fly away at that moment.

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