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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Spelling Words

Okay I am sure that many parents do this. When you are trying to have a conversation with another adult and you are in the presence of your kids, you may spell some words so the kids won't know what you are talking about. The point is not to say the word. Nowadays with our little seven-year-old precocious daughter, we have to just abort the conversation totally or spell really fast.
Well I found out last night that I also have to be cognizant of who I am choosing to do this with. I now know I canNOT do this with Daddy (not mad at him right now so he is not Dude).
Case and point- Daddy and I were talking while our kids were in the room. They were watching television but you never know how much they are really into the show, so you spell and/or use code words.
Me: "We should start getting the plans together for our V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N to that place down South."
Daddy: (Bewildered) "What?"
Me: (Already rolling my eyes) "You know... where the big rat is with all his friends."
Daddy: ?
Me: (ready to spell bad words but he wouldn't get it) "You know. We go there in the S-U-M-M-E-R. Warm place. Number one destination for fams."
Daddy: "Oh! Yes we do! I A-G-E-E."
Me: "W-T-H?" "Why did you spell that out? And you spelled it wrong. You left out the R."
Me: "I will check on some dates and stuff. How do we want to go this time? P-L-A-N-E, D-R-I-V-E... what?"(speaking fast)
Daddy: (Trying to visualize the words first) "Okay, Okay."
Me: "Geez, this is why you need to learn Spanish."
Daddy: "Si, but ya girl (pointing at Maurissa) know Spanish too."
Me: "Yes you are right."
Daddy: "I got it now. (Now attempting to move faster) I think we should F-L-Y to Disney World if we can get our tickets E-A-R-L-Y."
All it took was for him to say the word I was trying to avoid and both kids were looking at us.
Myles: "What about Disney World?" "I heard Daddy say Disney World."
Without taking her eyes off the TV, Maurissa summarizes the conversation for her brother.
"Myles. Mommy is trying to plan the trip to Disney World but Daddy can't understand her."
"Mommy, I like flying as long as we don't miss our plane like we did last time," she added.
Myles starts dancing. "We going to Disney World. We going to Disney World!"
I just folded my arms.

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