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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Crack Head!

Like other folks, as the kids get older and outgrow their toys we just gather them up and either give them to organizations like Goodwill or have a Yard Sale. We have had a few yard sales in the past few years- usually when our neighborhood has one as a whole.
For some reason our two little ones seem to think it is wrong to do this. We have explained that other kids who may not have toys, benefit from their old toys. They obviously do not know that when toy makers make the toys- they don't just make one for them only.
We were visiting a friend and happen to walk by her garage. Myles sees her daughter's toys and blurts out, with an attitude, "Hey we had that!" Then glares back at me. "Until my mommy sold it."
I tried to ignore him and move on with my conversation with my friend. But then his sister chimes in.
"Mommy. Why do you always sell our toys all the time?"
Myles jumps in to help her- "You sell them all the time. You sold it to them (referring to my friend and her daughter)!"
Then they proceed to have a discussion as if I am not there.
Myles: "Remember our slip and slide thing... she sold that."
Maurissa: "Oh and you remember your little Barney toy you got from Target... she sold that too."
Myles: "She sold my Barney toy?"
"Look! I don't always sell your toys but when you don't play with them, I just pass them on. I told yall that!" I screamed.
My friend laughed.
"Girl, they make it seem like I am a crack head, going out selling everything all the time for cash."
Didn't realize what I had said and the little ears listening.
"Mommy. What's a crack head?"

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