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Friday, January 02, 2009

Telling My Kids' Business

Okay... the kids have started the year their usual little selves.
So we are riding and I see the pastor of our church and his wife beside us.
"Hey, there is Pastor Bill," I casually say... aloud.
"Who Pastor Bill? The White Pastor Bill?" my five-year-old son asks.
After choking a little from laughing I answered, "No. There is only one Pastor Bill and he is not White- he's Black."
He's bewildered.
"He's Black? He look White to me."
"No his skin is just lighter, but trust me he is Black," I confirmed.
"Oh. Well he look like Pa Pa and he Indian so I guess Pastor Bill is Indian too."
His sister chimes in.
"Mama. You know my friend Katelyn in my class?"
I tell her yes just so she won't take time trying to make me know her.
"Well, I thought she was White- I mean she looks White- but she said she is Indian like Pa Pa too!"
"Okay, baby girl, that's fine."
"Well she said she is Indian so I have to just take her word for it," she added.
So while she and her brother have their little conversation behind me, I dial up Dude.
I'm trying to talk low and tell him about seeing the pastor and what our son said.
When I hang up, the little five-year-old asks, "Mama. Can I tell you sumpin'?"
"Can you not tell people our business and call and gossip about us?"
His sister co-signs for him.
"Yeah mama. Sometimes when we have conversations with you, you gossip about us to other people like Pa Pa and Grandma or Daddy!"
They keep going on and on about it until I finally say something.
"HEY! Y'all are too young to have any business for me to tell anyway!"
The nerve.

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