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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kids...You Just Have To Love 'EM!

I know, and you know from a story I wrote earlier, that I should not, should not, take either of my kids into a fitting room with me. But... I thought it would be a quick dart in and out. It was one little shirt. But... we had just finished eating too- so I really should not, should not, have taken them in with me.
There was a little wait to get a room too.
We went in, I snatched off my shirt- my sunglasses on my head fell off. I bent down to get them- mistake numero uno!
Then came the snickering.
"Uh! Wook at mommy's butt!" The little, no "L" word saying, five-year-old shouted out.
I gave him the look.
His sister is in the corner giggling with her hand over her mouth. I didn't know why because she could still be heard.
"I mean your B-U-T-T," Myles whispered.
That wasn't what the look meant.
"Where is the new shirt?" I asked.
While I frantically looked for it, the giggles come again.
Maurissa is standing there holding it... smiling.
Thankfully it fit, so I quickly put my shirt back on, opened the door then all of a sudden, Maurissa says- with volume, "Mommy maybe you could go on that show, The Biggest Loser!"
It felt like a movie.
Seemed like everything stopped at the exact time she said that. The store music seemed to stop, I didn't hear any hangers banging, other customers seemed silent. I stepped back in the dressing room and pulled them in too. I could just see them both hung up on one of those hooks in the fitting room- kicking. But I didn't do it. The nice, rational mom that I am.
I just closed my eyes for a few seconds and got my thoughts together.
"What mommy? It's just your tummy. You aren't fat all over!" she assured me.
I thought- "Hey I don't know any of these people in this fitting room, it don't matter." So I held my head high, grabbed them by their throats, I mean hands, sucked in my stomach and walked out.
"Did everything work out okay?" the attendant asked (smiling).

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