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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At Least He Got One In

I told our two NOT to go to school today and gloat about Obama's victory. On the drive to school I overhear Myles telling his sister that he can't wait to tell one of his friends that McCain did not win.
"Now what did I tell you guys about talking about the election?"
We pass a few students and parents on our way in the building.
We got to our hall and I kiss them off to class. I then watch Myles walk to his class- he's watching me too and throws one of his infamous, I'm up to something smiles. In turn I raise my eyebrows. As I turn around to head back to my classroom, I hear him tell someone,
"Barack Obama won!"
Well at least he got it out.
No one at our school (adults) mentioned the race. Some even seemed somber. Now the day before when our principal announced that McCain was the winner of our student mock election, I saw staff doing the If You're Happy and You Know It Dance.
But today I didn't see one High-Five or any "Booyahs!"
Many of the Black staff members seemed to have a code. When we said good morning to one another there was a huge smile- we don't usually smile that much in the mornings.
Then a few, greek-like secret hand shakes, in passing. So sad and unfortunate.
So at least my baby boy got one in. It wasn't a bragging thing- just a proud moment that we should have all shared- regardless of color.

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