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Monday, November 03, 2008

Things We Say

I was just thinking about how mindful we need to be about what we say in the presence of our kids. Sometimes we just are not cognizant of how much they are taking in everything. One of us casually mentioned the term "number two"- in reference to using the bathroom. Of course the little ones caught it and asked what it meant. And we did explain. Then they began making jokes and added that they sometimes do "number three".
"What is that?" I asked.
Laughing, Maurissa answered, "When you have to pee-pee and make stinky!"
"You mean have a bowel movement," I told her.
The eyebrows went up.
"It's the formal way to say it. That's all," I said.
Well, just a few minutes ago, we all came in from work and school and as most Americans, ONE of us ran to the bathroom.
A few minutes later, the plumber came in to finish fixing a leak we had, and Myles graciously let him in.
"Thank you young man," the man said. "Where's your dad?" he asked.
"Oh! He is in there doing number two!" Myles answered without hesitation.
The plumber is older, so I am hoping he didn't hear him well, but I have a feeling that he did- loud and clear.

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