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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It happened! We have our first African-American president!! Anything is possible for our kids now! Anything! Our two little ones understand how historic this day is and are just as excited about this day as we are.
We prayed today at dinner. We prayed for both sides. Prayed for protection for them and for peace no matter what. It was a longer prayer than what we usually have during dinner.
I did catch Myles eating a little bit during the prayer. Then after the prayer he was the first to speak. I was thrilled that he wanted to add something about this important day in history.
"Uh, Daddy that prayer was too long. I didn't think we were gonna eat."
But he is five so it is okay.
I cannot believe this day is here.
Now when a little boy or girl of color says he or she wants to be president one day, there will not be any hesitation. We don't have to smile, and pat him or her on the back and say okay, while being a little pessimistic. No... YES THEY CAN!

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