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Sunday, November 19, 2006

A New Daddy?

Once home from McDonald's, daddy and I put the kids to bed. An hour later, my husband [not mad at him now so "Dude" isn't his name] calls me into the living room. "Listen to them talking," he whispers while pointing upstairs to the kids rooms. We huddle at the bottom step to listen. "Him is ridiculous!" our three-year-old son says. "I not gonna be he friend anymore," he adds. "Lord Jesus," his sister replies. Daddy is smiling and trying not to laugh. "I'm gone get a new daddy," our son adds. "That's it! Let's get a new daddy," our daughter agrees. Oh the smile slowly turns to a frown now. "Why aren't they talkin' about you?" daddy whispers. I shrug my shoulders, "They are used to me gettin' on 'em." We continue to eavesdrop as they come up ways to get a new daddy. Can it be "eavesdropping" if they are minors living in our house? They finally agree that they will ask Santa for a new daddy and, "We can keep mommy for now."

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