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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Our Folks

My husband and I often tease one another about our families. We both agree that our parents are from DC.... "Deep Country". They often say things that we used to be embarrassed about. I remember back when we were dating and my mom would say something incorrectly, and usually I knew it was coming, I would just close my eyes and drop my head. That was when I was trying to be impressive of course. When his relatives did it, he would give me the, "Say something!" look. Now we compete to see which side says the funniest thing. My mom is funny because she puts an S on everything and/or changes letters: "I'll call ya back, I gotta run to Walmarks" or "Walmarks didn't have it but Targets might have it". My mom still believes in some superstitions too. I still get dizzy when I see black cats because she thought it was bad luck to look at a black cat that crossed your path, so she told us to close our eyes and turn around ten times. And no, there is nothing wrong with her! Well, don't get to see my father-in-law often. He doesn't live in NC but was about an hour away from us doing some contract work and called my husband to see if we could meet up with him. "What hotel are you staying in?" my husband asked. "Uh, I'm not sure," he answered. "Are you in the hotel?" my husband sarcastically asked. My father-in-law walked outside. "Oh, it's the Random Inn," he said. My husband moved the phone from his ear and looked at me. "I think he is staying at one of those smaller, locally owned hotels." He spoke back to his father, "Well, I'm not sure how to get there, but we will- naw, naw, naw, wait a minute," he said. He moved to the edge of the couch, rubbed his temples and asked, "Pop, how do you spell the name of the hotel?" His father slowly spelled it, "R-A-M-A-D-A". My husband closed his eyes and dropped his head. He knew I was one up on him now.

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