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Thursday, June 11, 2009

They Grow Up Fast!

Another school year has flew by! Our two little ones are getting older. Growing taller.
Our daughter just finished second grade, while her brother finished kindergarten. Where does the time go?
Yes he graduated from kindergarten yesterday! It was bitter sweet for me. I watched him sleep for a few minutes before waking him up to get dressed. He still sleeps the same way- on his back with his mouth slightly opened. His arms are always up over his head. Same cute, little toes I used to kiss on, especially right after his bath. As I continued to watch him I thought about how quiet he used to be. But he always watched his sister- taking it all in I guess.
I woke him gently just before a tear rolled down my face.
"Last day buddy! Let's get up and wash your face!" I told him.
Daddy dressed him so cute: Carolina blue and white vest with his khaki pants.
So many people commented on how cute he looked in his outfit.
"I like what you are wearing. You look really nice!" one teacher told him.
He flared his nostrils and instead of just thanking her he replied,
"My mama made me wear this."
I did say that he USED to be quiet.

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