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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another TooF Story!

Our baby lost his first tooth! Thank God it was on the bottom! I just can't picture him without teeth at the top. I know it is coming but I am not ready for it. This look will only remind me that he is not my baby anymore. And he knows this too. When he heard me telling a friend that I didn't want him to lose his teeth yet, he asked, "Why mama? Because you don't want me to grow up?"
I just smiled.
But that tooth had been loose for a few days and he has been excited about it coming out for two reasons: his friends at school have lost a tooth or two and he wants to get a visit from the famous tooth fairy!
Well if you have read my old blogs when our daughter lost teeth... you know that Daddy and I have not done well with the whole tooth fairy thing.
While he wants the tooth to be out, he, like many other kids, runs when we ask to feel how loose the tooth is.
"No! Don't touch it. You're gonna pull it out!"
Well he actually suggested that we pull it out while he is asleep. Not a bad idea considering he sleeps on his back, arms sprawled above his head and mouth open. Well Daddy tried one night but he closed his mouth, and rolled over to his stomach. There went that idea.
He suggested something else-
"Mama. Maybe Daddy could tie a sWing around my tooF (demonstrating) then tie the sWing to the door, then sWam the door and my tooth will come out!"
Picture him letting us do that.
Well yesterday he asked for some celery for breakfast.
"You would wait 'till the last minute- right before we need to leave for school to ask for something to eat!" I fussed while rushing to fix it. Then continued fussing when I noticed the Ranch dressing stain on his shirt on the way out the door. I was already late so...
"Look at that! Uh! Well you are in kindergarten and you probably would have gotten something on it anyway so you gonna have to go like you are today Buddy!" I said as I pulled him out the door.
About an hour into the school day, one of his teachers came into my room and asked about his tooth. She thought I pulled it.
"I didn't pull it and (thinking) neither did his daddy," I told her. "Are you sure it's gone?" I asked her.
She went to get him.
"Mama did you pull my tooF Wast night?"
I looked and sure enough it was gone. I sent a text to Daddy. He didn't do it.
It had to have been the celery or it had come out in the night.
"But how is the tooF fairy gonna come?" he asked. He dropped his head.
His teacher suggested we get it once he went to the bathroom. Then she took him by the hand and went back to class. She sound like a dog up a tree- butt backwards! Just as wrong. I don't care if he is my child. It was not happening.
But Daddy and I had to do something.
He had another tooth. He had actually saved one of our daughter's teeth. Not something I would have done but we had one. But would it work on our little inquisitive son?
Daddy told him he found it near the chair he sat in when he ate breakfast. Initially he smiled then investigated.
"Mama (frowning) this tooF gots a hole in it and it looks sharp," he said.
"Well you have a hole where that tooth was," I told him. "Now go put it under your pillow and say your prayers," I convinced him.
"Okay! I hope the tooF fairy bring me lots of dollars!"
Well as we, the dysfunctional parents, usually do- we almost forgot to put the money under there. We argued over who would walk upstairs to put the dollar under the pillow before going to sleep last night.
This Dude wanted to wait until the morning to put it under there. Right before we woke them up for school. Now with our record with the other child, I knew we couldn't wait. So I had an idea-
"Um... I don't feel like walking up there and I may not feel like doing anything else later!"
So he put it under the pillow and everything happened as it should have.
This morning he came running downstairs to show me his first dollar from the tooth- I mean tooF fairy!

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