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Monday, September 08, 2008


I have been having problems with my allergies and some nasal problems for some time so I went to the doctor. Unfortunately I had to take my two little unpredictable sweethearts. I felt a little under the weather but they were feeling jubilant!
The Genesis of this little story begins in the waiting area. An older gentleman came in with some assistance and unfortunately sat in the chairs in front of us. He had an oxygen tank and was drifting in and out of sleep as he waited.
Now Maurissa and Myles were quietly reading to themselves before he came in. Something told me to divert their attention but unfortunately I didn't take heed.
"Mommy. Are they gonna bury him?" Myles innocently and seriously asked.
I closed my eyes and swallowed- hoping the man and his companion did not hear him.
"Myles he is just not feeling well- rest your mouth," I whispered.
Then the man moved and coughed. Not a pleasant cough.
Myles and Maurissa made a slight scream and hugged each other. I was so embarrassed.
"Melissa Jackson," the nurse called.
"Oh your kids are so cute," the nurse smiled. "Let's get your weight."
"How many are you mommy?" Myles asked as I stepped down from the scale.
The nurse giggled.
She didn't know... the show was just starting.
When we got in the room the nurse checked my blood pressure as the kids watched.
"Mommy, is she pumping you up?" Myles asked.
"Oh, it looks like I'm pumping her up?" the nurse laughed.
"Yes- her boobies are pumping up!" he replied.
The nurse laughed so hard. "I'll bet there is never a dull moment at your house, " the nurse said.
I closed my eyes and told her, "Nope... fortunately."

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