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Sunday, March 17, 2013


There have been times when I shake my head just thinking about how fortunate our kids are are that they weren't reared the same as us. They don't have to stay outside from sunrise until the street lights come rotisserie heat during the summer in NC. Knock on the door if you dared...for water or bathroom. "Stop bammin' on that door!" an air conditioned adult would yell, while giving me a dingy, tupperware cup of water, through the door, before it slammed shut. And we've rarely beckoned them to come in, during the eleventh inning of rolling bat, just to turn the channels of the TV. While the Genesis of our childhood was different and somewhat tough, there were numerous things that were simple and that just didn't need to be taught. Simple things will arise periodically, that will have the little bubble above my head around the word: Really? For example, yesterday was a gorgeous day which called us all outside. So we're actively enjoying it: running, and riding our bikes, when our daughter abruptly runs past all of the dirt, and grass- all the way home to...spit. Really?

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