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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mama Is Busted!

My son's kindergarten teacher smiled as she told me about circle/reading time in their class.
"I'm reading this story and I come up on the word 'gossip', she begins. "So I asked the class if anyone knew what it meant."
At this point I smile with her, thinking they are all a bunch of five-year-olds, who will come up with a crazy definition for the word- plus she is smiling too.
She continues on. "Well, Myles (a definite mama's boy) raises his hand and says he knows what it means."
At this point she rubs my shoulder ever so gently.
My little man rats me out. He tells the teachers and class, "Yes my mama do that."
The teacher laughs and says, "We asked him if you talk about us."
I try to think quickly without showing it. I didn't remember talking about them- at least not in his little presence. I mean we know he and his sister are nosey, and we can't spell things out- either our little seven-year-old precocious child will get it or Dude will spell the wrong word (earlier post).
He told them that, "She gossips about Daddy."
My smile turned upside down. I was busted.

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