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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Curious Little Minds Wanna Know!

One of my co-workers, who is a single mom, loves to talk to Myles (he is still five). She asked him about one of the members of our church who is a mutual friend.
"Myles do you know Mr. Calvin at your church?" she asked.
"Yes. Is he your husband or sumpting (turning his head to the side)?"
"No. I don't have a husband- he is my friend," she replied.
"Wait. You don't have a husband?" he asked. "How you got a son and don't got a husband?"
(I tried to give her the look- the look that says "Just leave it alone!"Because he will press... curious little minds wanna know.)
"His daddy passed away a few years ago," she offered.
"Where he go?" he asked.
"Did he die from a disease?" his seven-year-old sister slipped in.
"He passed on- he is deceased," she told him.
"Where is he now?" Myles continued to press.
"At the graveyard," she answered.
I wasn't ready for that response.
"Did he got to hell or heaven?"
"Uh, let's go Myles and Maurissa- we gotta go!" I finally interjected.
As we walked on, he had to add something, "I'll pray for you a husband then."

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