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Monday, October 27, 2008

What's In A Name?

Okay. Can someone please help me explain to my husband that it is okay to call body parts what they are? And some of the names he would rather call body parts. I guess I have to remember that we are just gonna have some disagreements, but at the same time the kids are gonna get confused... so we thought.
Daddy still shifts awkwardly (picture the man in the movie Men In Black- the one who comes in the house with his body all "jacked up" and demands that his wife give him sugar in a cup- before she faints) when I use the word "vagina" around Maurissa.
He will run in (like the man in MIB) and shout, "It's a pocketbook!"
Well one weekend she stayed with a friend from church and after Maurissa took her bath, my friend asked her if she washed good.
"Yes, and I washed my pocketbook too!" Maurissa responded jubilantly.
My friend ran into the bathroom thinking she (Maurissa) had ruined her purse she had earlier.
"Oh... my daddy calls it a pocketbook, but my mom says it is a vagina," Maurissa told her. "My daddy (rolling her eyes) just has a hard time with that."

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