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Friday, January 02, 2015

My Pinky!

The more we try to change... the more we, sometimes, stay the same.

It's a new year and while I am making some modifications, I realize my work may be an uphill battle.

Maybe I can blame it on what I see and hear on television. Maybe it's worry from what I have seen and heard about at middle schools. And it could be rooted in what I saw growing up. A combination of all these things and simply a mom's concern, brought me to a place of...foolishness and defeat.

I posted a similar story back in September 10, 2007: "She just Isn't a Fighter...Right Now". I should have added, "And Neither Am I" to the title.

Not really sure what prompted it but we were hanging out in our favorite are of the house, the dining room, and our son, who is now 11, mistakenly mentioned that another student said something offensive to him.

Everything stopped. Daddy dropped his head and had the usual, "brace yourselves" look.

"So what did you say back to him?" I asked.

"I just ignored him," he replied.

Daddy shook his head in confirmation. "Good job buddy!" Then tried to keep me on track. Bringing up old stuff was his attempt to keep me subdued.

"Yes honey. Remember you've always told both of them, that they can't control people's mouths and to be the bigger person. Remember?" he smiled.

Didn't work.

I went on to tell him how he had to stand up for himself and not let people push him around. "You gotta pick and choose your battles," I went on.

"That's what I did Mamma."

I was at the point of no return foolishness.

"What if someone puts their hands on you? That's what I am worried about," I told him.

"You gotta stand your ground. Not telling you to start a fight but you gotta be prepared to protect yourself."

I went on to tell him how I had to defend myself when I was younger. All exaggerated but I was doing what I was trying to inspire him.

And I did. Maybe.

So I commenced to showing him how to protect himself!

I started circling him. Then went further and bumped him.
"Now what are you gonna do?" I asked, almost out of breath now. YES FROM JUST WALKING AROUND HIM!
He didn't move.
"See. You don't want to just stand there and let someone push you around," I said as I got closer to him.

His sister pulled up a chair and solemnly sat down. I thought her look said, "Oh no! Come on little brother." But later I realized her look was more like, "Oh my God! Help my Mama."

"Now see if I walk up on you what should you do to protect yourself?" This was a question!!!

All of a sudden all of the Takekwondo lessons sprung up! He got in a stance and kicked. He actually had the nerve to kick.

"Okay! Okay! That is what you do. Keep the person back!" I said.

"Mama. Your breathing..." Daddy walked toward me to try to get me to settle down. I think he was worried that I would hurt our little one.

I winked at him and continued on. "Now see if you kick like that I would just-"

The plan was to block his kick. I did but my pinky got in the way and I found myself cringing near the dining room table holding my pinky.

"Come on Mama. Let me see it," Daddy offered. He came over, bent down and whispered, "What in the world are you doin'? Look at you!" he said while trying to look at my pinky. "Now you get it together and don't let him see that he whooped you!" he added as he helped me stand up.

I wouldn't say he "whooped" me. Not an appropriate word to describe it. Taking it a little far.

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