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Monday, January 05, 2015

By Any Means Necessary! Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

If anyone reading this was out on I-40 West of Greensboro, NC around 5:30 this evening and saw, what looked like a crazy may have been me. I'm sure there are many drivers trying to get home after work on a Monday, in NC.

Let me explain before you call the police!

The past two weeks we have been spoiled. We were on winter break! So lots of staying up late, therefore sleeping late, so our schedules are all out of whack.

I was 10 minutes away from home, still doing the speed limit but trying to keep the two people under 14 awake.

"Don't go to sleep!" I told them. "If you go to sleep now then you won't be able to go to sleep at your regular time!" I shouted.

The youngest was out of my reach. Head slumped and mouth open.

So I started singing loudly.

Scanned the radio stations for something they weren't familiar with and blasted it! It was a good old school song, so it was on!

Morris Day and the Time!

They giggled and tried to sleep again.

I pressed the buttons for the two back windows to go down. Up and down. Up and down. It's was about 35 degrees outside.

I was desperate, so I started swerving a little. You know... to the beat of the song I was singing yelling.

I-40. Back windows going up-and-down. Morris Day and the Time playing loudly and I'm singing backup!

"Ten and two Mama. Ten and two!" our daughter said, looking at my hands on the steering wheel.

Well... ten minutes later I pulled into the garage on two wheels, it felt like and they didn't go to sleep in the car!

If you wanna report me... be my guest. My number is 777-9311.

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