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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shower Scenes

Not sure why but our son still has problems with the shower. Tonight we reminded him to take a shower... a few times. "I don't like 'em," he softly said. His honesty caught me off guard. But so did a quick thought: "You don't want to be the stinky boy at school!" Like water from showers he should be taking, the conversation began going down the drain. "I just don't like taking them. They take too much time," he added. So Daddy threatened him... "You don't want me to sit in the bathroom again to make sure you take a shower." Last time that happened, I overheard more than water running as our son casually and comfortably said, "Daddy! You know I got some hair down here!" He wasn't talking about hair in the drain either. And Daddy casually replied, "Really" "Yes Daddy. You know down here on that round thang. Some boys at school call them balls but they don't look like balls 'cause it looks like, you know, one- not two with an "s"." There was a pause, then I heard him step out of the shower. "See Daddy. This-" "Just hurry up and wash yourself man!," Daddy told him with a little more urgency in his voice. Interrupting the memory, Daddy warned him about the little girls at school. Thinking this would give him more reason to embrace t showers. "The little girls at school are gonna talk about you." Shaking his head confidently he replied, "Nah... they won't." "GO TAKE A SHOWER DUDE!" We both shouted. He reluctantly walked to the shower. Head down, saying, "I don't know why everybody make a big deal about showers." After the shower we asked, "Did you brush your teeth?" He threw his hands up in despair. "Take showers. Brush your teeth."

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