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Friday, January 04, 2013

Lego Shoes

Happy 2013! Wow! When I blogged for the first time our daughter was just entering kindergarten and our son was in daycare. Now she has started her first year of middle school (6th grade) and he is in fourth. She is trying to find herself- and I am trying to find her too!! Our son is cool but doesn't know it and... he wants to be taller. How tall does a fourth grader need to be? I think he has been comparing himself to the wrong kids. "Ma... this one kid is really tall- he is almost the same height as her (pointing to his sister as if he doesn't know her name)!" Without looking up at my book I asked him, "How old is he?" "Well... he almost 11." Huh? "He's really smart and he is really tall," he added. "Um, naw. He's supposed to be tall and he is SUPPOSED to be in a higher grade," I assured him. "Maybe two grades higher." Silence. He had to think about it. I thought that would cure the height issue that plagued him. Then, last night, just before bed he came downstairs and asked, "Do I look taller?" I looked over and noticed he had on his black and purple high-tops. Upon further examination I saw that the heels looked indented- and he had a peculiar stance. "Something is wrong here," Daddy said. Our son tried to create height by putting his lego blocks in the heel of his shoes! We should have made him wear them like that!

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