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Friday, August 07, 2009

A Sign That I May Be Losing It!

Lately I have been so busy and school is not back in yet. I mean it's not as if I am not used to being busy but today I got a wake up call! A sign to let me know to slow down, take the S off my chest and cape off as well and just chill!
So I'm doing laundry, dusting, and trying to sit down at the computer every now and again to finish some homework. I keep a check on the time because I needed to be somewhere with the kids soon. Well they are dressed and actually sitting quietly in the living room. Seeing this makes me feel like I am really behind- even though the clock says I have time.
I run to jump in the shower, grabbing undies out of the stack of laundry on the way.
Minutes later I am out, drying off then rushing to put my undies on.
I hear a rip. I attempt to pull them up again. This time I don't hear a rip but they won't go up.
Okay at this point I am losing it. It's like a silent movie. I can't be heard but someone watching could clearly make out what I was saying, "OH MY GOD, NO!!"
Did they shrink that much in the dryer? Some say not to dry your undies.
I knew what it was... I needed to lose some weight.
I stood there in disbelief. Then sat down to take it all in.
As my heart rate went down and the sweating started to dissipate, the rational side stepped back in.
I looked at the green, sherbet-colored undies. I saw Little Mermaid. She seemed to be laughing at me. This was a sign that I may be losing it.

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