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Monday, August 03, 2009

Freeze Pops and Cookie Dough

Usually when our son comes up smiling and saying, "Mama... can I tell you sumptin'?"
He really wants to ask me something. And ten times out of ten it is something he knows I will probably say no to. But my hat goes off to him for his approach.
Well he loves freeze pops and his sister loves cookie dough. I've often told them that they were going to turn into a freeze pop and cookie dough. They like the idea very much.
"I know you really don't want to tell me something- you want to ask me something so out with it," I told him.
"Well, we want to know if we can have a freeze pop and cookie dough?"
So he was designated as the spokesperson. Usually people do send in the smaller one to do the asking or the dirty work.
He kept looking toward the hallway. I already knew his sister was around one of those corners listening.
"Have you already had a freeze pop and cookie dough?"
Whenever he begins with "well" I know the answer.
"Well," he began. By this time he is not making eye contact. "I think she (pointing out at the hallway) had one cookie dough and I had a little freeze pop."
How can you have a little freeze pop?
"Ummm... no. Not this time," I told him.
He walked away slowly with his head down.
"Keep your head up Buddy!" I told him with a smile.
I could hear his sister waiting in the wings.
"I told you that you shoulda waited 'till she was on the computer or you shoulda just asked Daddy," she tried to whisper to him.
"But Daddy is asweep."
"Duh! I know that!"she told him.
About five minutes later he was back. This time alone. He had come up with his own idea.
"Mama. You gone let the devil win!"
These were new skills.
"What?" I asked him.
"The devil is tempting me to eat some freeze pops."
Oh the look was serious. He had his game face on.
"No. If you give into that temptation then you will lose and it will be you gettin' a spankin' not the devil. He will leave you short every time Buddy."
"Okay. I'm gone pway about it then."
He didn't come back.

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