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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Look How Far We HAVEN'T Come

When I began blogging, our youngest was in a car seat. We'd discovered he was extremely scared of people in costumes while on our first family trip to Disney World. While checking in our room, there was someone dressed in a Detroit Lions' costume in the lobby. Our daughter did her overly happy, Forrest Gump wave to him/her but our three-year-old son reacted a little differently. Not exaggerating- he ran up Daddy's six foot frame so quickly, and sat on his bald head kicking and screaming! Once we got to our room he crossed his short legs and said,
"Let him come up here and see what happen." (He was THREE)
We didn't realize how big his fear was until we got to Disney World. Our daughter was in heaven. All the characters were out it seemed, the first day at Magic Kingdom. She ran to get autographs and pictures with Tweedledee and Tweedledum! Her brother, ran the opposite way and jumped over the red, roped off area. You know the areas around the nicely manicured lawns...where we AREN'T supposed to walk, stand or sit.

Oddly he is okay with people in some Halloween costumes. There was the one time when he was about four and we were trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. He was dressed as Batman! He and his sister were ringing a doorbell.
"Trick-or-tWeet!" he and his sister yelled.
They got their candy, turned to walk down the driveway to us and here comes his nemesis...the Joker!
I thought it was cute.
He dropped his bag of candy, let go of his sister's hand and ran through their yard. He actually cleared the ditch as if he were walking on air! Daddy ran after him...he didn't see the ditch. After an expletive or two he caught him. Kids seem to get supernatural strength in times of distress. He was fast!

Well, he's about to start middle school (sixth grade) next month. Of course he's no longer in a car seat BUT he is still scared of people in costumes. He actually googled this phobia and asked me to find him a therapist.
"You are gonna have to do something because it will be tough if other middle schoolers find out...not good," I advised him.

He would eat Chick-fil-A everyday if he could but we have to get it to go. There's a chance the cow could come out. And I know what you may be thinking: let him see someone put the costume on so he will see how it works. Nope! Tried that. No rationalizing from that 11-year-old. We shall see what happens. His school does have a mascot.


Jern said...

Are you going to try for therapy? It's not often that a young male (or any male, really) ASKS for it! Maybe you should jump on that while he's willing & before he turns all Tom Cruise on you!

Melissa Jackson said...

Already talked with someone. Made an appointment. You are right...when they ask for help...gotta get it for them.