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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

Our kids are so competitive! If our son hears me say that his sister has done something well- then he has to try and do it too so he can receive some praises.
And you know as parents we want to encourage our kids as much as we can.
Well we have the best of both worlds in them: our daughter is a great writer and her younger brother is a blossoming artist.
I remember when I was little, around the same age as our daughter- possibly younger- my best friend and I were the same. I was an aspiring author and she was an awesome illustrator/artist. We decided to make a book. It could have been a hit except it stopped as soon as the idea came about. We ended up arguing over whose name would appear first on the book cover.
Well our two little ones need to work together and encourage one another.
I think our big eight-year-old is getting nerves now. And her brother is on them quite a bit.
He made a little picture the other day and smiled as he came to show me. "Look at this mommy," he said. I wasn't quite sure what it was but I told him it was good. He skipped off to share it with his sister. I thought about that for a moment then went back to what I was doing.
"What is that?" she asked him, trying not to laugh. "Well mommy said it was good and she knows what it is!" he told her.
"Duh! That's yo mama. She supposed to tell you that," she said laughing.

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